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Jaime Weintz, Animal Communicator
Would you like to discover what your pets are feeling and thinking?
To begin an Animal Communication session, I require a picture of a front view of your beloved pet with their eyes visible. If you wish, please include any questions or concerns regarding them. If a pet has crossed the Rain Bow Bridge, I can communicate with them, also! Animal Communication is possible with both living and pets on the Other Side.
I start the session by opening my heart chakra and raising my vibration. Your pet’s picture helps me connect with your beloved pet on a telepathic level. Once connected, I will learn who they truly are, their core essence, and their likes and dislikes, and I tell them I have your (mommy or daddy’s) permission to work with them, and I ask the pet’s permission to proceed. I send them love and tell them how beautiful or handsome they are. I am respectful of them at all times.
I work remotely and privately during this communication process. Therefore, you do not need to adjust your schedule for an appointment. Once the process is complete, I will contact you at our scheduled time to review the results. 


I speak with animals as an Animal Communicator on a spiritual level using telepathic communication. Animals carry the same emotions humans do, as they are intelligent, sentient, feeling, and thinking beings. Animals love being heard as they talk about themselves. Did you know animals communicate telepathically with one another? They send messages to each other and us all the time. However, some of us aren’t hearing them as readily as they would like us to. We as humans have to ‘relearn’ how to do that.

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Jaime Weintz

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Jaime Weintz, Animal Communicator


30-minute Animal Communication Sessions start at $85.00 (includes taxes).


New Clients 25% Discount

FIRST SESSION Only $63.75 (includes taxes).


As a child, I loved all animals and tried to bring some home. My only success was a baby green parakeet I named Jimmy. I taught him how to talk as he was brilliant. I was so excited when he said his first word. Other words followed some he learned on his own!

Other animals came into my life; my parents vetoed all of them. I was crushed each time and felt such sadness and despair. My dreams of having my own puppy or kitten would never be realized as long as I lived at home.

As a young adult, I got my own place and resurrected my dream of having my own pets. I wanted a horse but discovered you couldn’t have one in the city! My first puppy was Blinkie, a black toy poodle. I loved him dearly, and he loved me too. To date, I have two canines and four felines. And yes, if another animal showed up at my door, I would open it and welcome them home!

Following an extended illness, my Min Pin, Berkeley, joined Angel (Sheltie) and Bear (GSD) at the Rainbow Bridge. A few weeks later, Berkeley showed up beside my fireplace, in his favourite spot, and sat between my two cats. I was so surprised to see him. He turned to me and said, “I look pretty good, eh?” I told him he did! Berkeley looked younger and slimmer! He told me how much he enjoyed being with Angel and Bear again. I always believed in an afterlife for both humans and animals. Berkeley’s visit was a welcomed surprise and confirmed that our animal companions’ lives continue perpetually.

These experiences and my personal experience with an Animal Communicator were significant turning points in my decision to study Animal Communication. I have always talked to my animals and imagined them talking back to me. To me, it’s a beautiful experience connecting with my own animals and hearing them, and they hear me.

When I connect with other caregivers’ animal companions and hear their messages for their mommy or daddy, it’s a rewarding experience for all concerned. It seems to deepen their connection with their beloved animal companions.

Personal Reviews:

"Jaime is a most talented animal communicator. She is exceptionally skilled at connecting with her animal subjects and getting them to open up to her. Jaime has spoken to my three pets, who eagerly shared their feelings and thoughts with her. Jaime is not only a talented medium, she is an empath, and animal lover. I highly recommend her services."

- Astrid

”I adopted my cat, Wilkie, without knowing much about her life before. She seemed scared and wasn't adjusting well, but Jaime was able to help me understand what she needed to feel safe in her new home. Now she is a very happy cat and I feel even more connected to her”

- Sam

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