Connecting you with your animal loved-ones

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What is animal communication?

Our beloved animals can reveal the reasons for their behaviour as we listen with the ear of our hearts.

Animal communication is an intuitive connection that happens by opening up to the messages, images, and feelings an animal is sharing with us.

When physical and emotional health are in question, this can often be the missing piece to the puzzle: helping us to connect to an animal's experiences, so that we can offer them the care and comfort they need.

As a trained and certified animal communicator, I connect with your animal loved ones to help deliver their messages to you.

ABOUT JAIME WEINTZ, Animal Communicator

My Story

My career as a Social Worker spanned over thirty years in numerous areas. My motto throughout was “Helping people learn how to help themselves” and through this time working with people, I met many animals and often helped in the process of re-homing them, connecting with the animals to help them understand the changes happening in their lives and feel safe throughout.

I had felt our intuitive communication first as a child, when our landlady gifted me a puppy. I ecstatically brought him home to my mother, as thoughts and images flowed freely between us of all the joyous things we would do together. Sadly, my mother said “no” to a puppy in the house and, though I was devastated, I brought him back to our landlady, telling him goodbye and showing him how sad I was that I couldn’t keep him. I'll never forget that puppy.

Since then there have been many beloved animals in my life: cats, dogs, and birds. I first contacted an Animal Communicator when Angel, my dear Shetland Sheepdog, passed away from long-term illness and his companion--the loving German Shepherd, Bear--began having seizures. The Animal Communicator helped Bear to understand what had happened to Angel and to grieve the loss of his friend.

When, later, Bear was ready to join Angel in the spirit world, the Animal Communicator helped me to assure Bear that he didn’t need to worry about my well-being, easing his transition for both of us, although I still miss them both to this day.

After seeing the difference an Animal Communicator could make in the lives of us and our animal companions, I made the decision to study Animal Communication myself, to help animals share their important messages with the ones they love.


"Jaime is a most talented animal communicator. She is exceptionally skilled at connecting with her animal subjects and getting them to open up to her. Jaime has spoken to my three pets, who eagerly shared their feelings and thoughts with her. Jaime is not only a talented medium, she is an empath, and animal lover. I highly recommend her services."

- Astrid

”I adopted my cat, Wilkie, without knowing much about her life before. She seemed scared and wasn't adjusting well, but Jaime was able to help me understand what she needed to feel safe in her new home. Now she is a very happy cat and I feel even more connected to her”

- Sam

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